tour of hhr laser laboratory, re-pump stations and glassblowing facilities

Come join us as we take a quick tour of HHR Lasers, Inc., home of gas laser system refurbishing at its finest. The following photos and overview will orient you to the many laser product services performed here at HHR, such as re-gassing and alignment of white light systems used in laser light shows.

(Click To Zoom) gas mixing manifold of re-pumping station

    If your gas laser and/or power supply (psu) are giving you problems then you have come to the right place. We can offer some general technical assistance and provide quality repair and re-tubing at reasonable rates.

    Ever wonder what goes into a laser tube and why it seems most manufacturers make this appear to be so much black magic? At HHR we do have our proprietary processes, but we can still take the mysticism out of refurbishing and strictly adhere to time-honored and tested techniques.

(Click To Zoom) plasma tube residual gas analyzer

    Your laser plasma tube is treated with the utmost care — from the moment it arrives at our facility, through the refurbishment process, and back to you. But it doesn't end there. We guarantee our work with a variety of coverages and, in addition, we can provide extended warranties.

(Click To Zoom) interior of water-cooled DC plasma tube exciter

    When your laser arrives it is unpacked and thoroughly inspected. Failure modes are checked and logged. A full quote is prepared, after which we will contact you to discuss your options.

(Click To Zoom) class 10 portable clean-room glove box

    If your laser is suffering from an over-pressure headache or has the under-pressure blues, then we can cure your plasma tube ills with a minimum of invasive reconstruction and at a very affordable price. In fact if the laser head arrives still vacuum intact, the internals will never see air during re-pumping and re-processing.

(Click To Zoom) turbo-pumped helium leak detector

    If the laser tube is broken, then repairs are done using portable clean-room glove boxes and all parts are stored in high pressure argon gas.

    We at HHR will never shorten your tube's lifetime by cutting corners or using inferior materials in the rebuild process. All tubes undergo a minimum 48 hours of bake-out at 350°C to eradicate all impurities. They are then back-filled via a specially designed process with ultra-pure gases. All welds are done in inert argon gas boxes and scanned by high precision leak detectors to verify ultra-high vacuum integrity.

(Click To Zoom) custom-designed diamond lapping machine for cutting Brewster stubs

    Standard fused silica or crystal quartz windows are precision hard-sealed to the Brewster stubs. We grind and polish all our own stubs to ensure quality and accuracy. We use the finest hot cathodes manufactured and always meet or exceed OEM requirements.

    What's more, we rewind DC plasma pinch solenoids for many ion lasers at a substantial cost savings. And of course, we service and repair all makes of laser psu's with the same care and attention to detail we use for tube re-processing.

(Click To Zoom) glass lathe for repair or fabrication of pyrex laser tubes

    And finally, another capability: not only do we re-manufacture gas lasers, we can manufacture them. With 30 years' certified experience in glassblowing (membership, American Scientific Glassblowers Society), HHR does build factory-new laser tubes. Equipped with on-site, full service fabrication stations complete with glass lathes, we produce both conventional and nonstandard glassware such as helium-mercury laser tubes.


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