refurbished gas lasers for sale at hhr

WANTED: LASERS DEAD or ALIVE! HHR Lasers, Inc. will buy your used, damaged or inoperable lasers, psus and accessories, so we can process them into some of the best refurbished lasers in the industry.

(Click To Zoom) spectra physics 164, liconix 4240, american 60x, 
american 68b, siemens lgk 7626, spectra physics 124b, omnichrome 643 white light, coherent radiation i-100

Lasers For Sale Price
American 60X Argon Ion Laser / includes rebuilt head, rebuilt tube, rebuilt psu, new cables and new pancake fan with 1" riser / multiline, 457514 nm / standard optics, producing 130+ mW $2,500.00 
American 60X Argon Ion Laser / includes rebuilt head, rebuilt tube, rebuilt psu, new cables, new pancake fan and 1" riser / multiline, 457514 nm / high-power optics, producing from 230 to 270+ mW. Unit may not be available due to special optics... Call... 
American 68B... AIR COOLED 220V 50/60 hz Argon Ion Laser / rebuilt head and psu / 220 VAC single phase / multiline, 7 colors / air cooled CW / rated 800 mW / will produce up to 1.5+ watts* / includes external blowers and remote control module / features std. 28 pos. screw terminal connector / Amphenol power connector w/detachable umbilical non std. additional* When available...Call $4,000-4,500.00 
Spectra Physics 164 Argon Ion Laser / rebuilt tube / Rebuilt head and psu / rated 5 watts / will produce up to 6.5 watts. 457 to 514 nm TEMoo (Rebuilt head and PSU without tube, $1,500.00) Currently out of stock. Call for order. $4,000.00 
Spectra Physics 165 Argon Ion Laser / rebuilt tube / rated 5 watts / will produce up to 6.5 watts. 457 to 514 nm, TEMoo. (Rebuilt head and psu without tube $2,000.00) $5,500.00 
Omnichrome 643 W/L 643 White light producing from 150+ mw RYB Reprocessed heads from $1,500 to $2,500. Complete systems with new supplis, new cables and new fans from $4,000 to $4,500. call. Call 
SP 124 Helium Neon Lasers SP mod 124 B He/Ne lasers doing 25 to 30 mw. with discrete mod 255 supply. Rebuilt tubes and rebuilt supplies. From $1,500.00 to $2,000.00. Depends on power and model. Call 
Spectra Physics model 164 or 165 PSU's Power supplies, model 265, as is or rebuilt. 500 to 1,500.00 
Coherent I-100 Coherent I-100 Argon with sagging cathode, PSU works. Sold as is. 3/25/00 $1,000. + shpg. 
Coherent I-90 Working PSU, tube low power. Sold as is. Sold 
American 60 X American 60 X heads with internal mirror ceramic tubes. 488 nm only. 80 to 90 mw @ 10 amps TEMoo. Non polarized. Low hours, typically 50 or less, with marlin "gold Box" PSU, complete systems, (includes new cables, new 1.5" cooling fan and 1" riser). $1,250.00 
Helium - Neon Many assorted HeNe models available, e.g. Spectra Physics 127, 125, 124, 107; also ar-kr white light multiline units. $750 - 4,500.00 
Accessories: Cables, cooling fans, parts... Cables made to order, New cooling fans and risers, pancake style... parts, heads, tubes, 60 X, 543, 643, 68B, etc. Call 
EXTREME STOCK REDUCTION SALE! Overstock reduction sale on many items. You have a need, make an offer from parts and accessories to Heads, PSU's and complete systems. BEST OFFER 
Spectra Physics model 165 Krypton laser Spectra Physics model 165 Krypton laser producing up to 2 watts red.* Reprocessed tube and reworked 265 PSU. Available with or without heated etalon for Holography. Awesome system...Must go. Priced to move...1/28/10 (* depends on with or without etalon and power input) $5,000-7,500.00 
Spectra Physics model 165 or 164 While light laser Spectra Physics 164 or 165 white light laser producing 2 watts + white light. (will approach 3 watts). Reprocessed tube. New optics. Reworked 265 PSU. 1/28/10 $6,500.00 
Lexel 85-S White Light (NEW) 1/28/10 Lexel Color pro head with New lexel 85-S tube processed for white light. Tube is new with 0 hours. Will produce 800 mw to 1 watt W/L RYGB. 85-S is slightly shorter than a 88-1, but has extended brewster stubs with crystal quartz windows for better power and stability. Head only. Will marry to supply for add'tl $2K. 220V single phase H2O cooling on head. Supply can be air cooled or H2O. Head sold without W/L optics. Optics $1,500 pr. additional. $1995.00 ** 
Spectra Physics 2560 PSU Spectra Physics 2560 PSU with 85 hours on it. Working conditon unknown. PSU only. 60 amps max with adjustable magnetic field regulator. 208 v 3 ph, H2O cooling. Phase sensative. $400.00 + shpg. 
MONTHLY SPECIAL: Name your price! This months special: Name your price! No reasonable offer refused for service, refurbs and complete laser systems. Does not apply to New DPSS lasers or existing customers. Mgmt retains the right of refusal. ????? 

    At HHR, we completely rebuild our units using only new or remanufactured components. All laser platforms are upgraded from “A” to “B” models, or the latest models when possible. Even our paint colors are computer-matched.

    New laser tubes (manufactured on-site or procured off-site) are guaranteed for 12 months pro rata. There's also a 90-day warranty on electronics. And, of course, tech support comes included with all our products.

    All units currently featured in our inventory below meet or exceed original specifications unless otherwise stated. If you don't see the model you're interested in, either visit our Laser FAQ page or simply e-mail us.


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