hhr consulting: get answers to your gas laser problems

Call HHR Lasers, Inc., your laser professionals for refurbishment, sales and service. For expertise covering a vast array of gas lasers, power supplies, accessories and associated disciplines, you've just reached your one-stop shopping destination. Got a problem you need solved, a laser you need diagnosed, or a system you need set-up? Or maybe you just need a shoulder to cry on. Either way, get your tech support questions answered here at HHR.

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    From the general to the esoteric, from high vacuum system configurations to fine art glassblowing to laser light show equipment, we are uniquely qualified to assist end-users like you. Chat with us about your laser sob story, and we'll supply you with a preliminary verbal assessment, absolutely free.

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    Furthermore, we do on-site troubleshooting and perform remote set-ups. Want more? Have us actually custom design and fabricate your experimental or specialty laser tubes and systems.

    So consult with HHR today. But before you call or write, first you might want to browse our Laser FAQ page. And for further reading, go ahead and check out the Related Sites page.


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